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Save Money With Professionally Installed Solar Panels

If you have embraced the idea of having an additional source of energy for your household, perhaps you like the concept of solar panel installation. Roof solar panel systems have become very popular in the United States. Los Angeles Solar Pros is a reputable company that has completed many such projects successfully. We provide solar energy storage in Montebello, CA, and you will find more useful information on this page!

 Solar panels

Our Services

Solar Equipment
Roof Solar Panel Installation
Solar Battery Storage

Solar panel installation

The Services We Provide

We have spent years learning and perfecting our skills. Since the installation of solar panels is not an easy task, we are specialists that have the necessary skills and know-how you can trust. We will check your roofing system to make sure it is suitable for such an installation. Our company offers residential and commercial installation and battery storage services. Read our Services page!

How We Do It

If you want to decrease your energy bills, you might find the idea of panels and solar battery beneficial. The equipment we install and the tools and devices we use help us determine whether your residential or commercial roof is ready for such a project. There are several compulsory steps we follow. Everything begins with a thorough inspection and continues with obtaining a permit, ordering equipment, and the installation itself.

Client’s Testimonial

by Tasha and Ben S. on Los Angeles Solar Pros
Simply the Best in the Area!

The upfront consultation and organization went well. All of the team members were extremely friendly and answered all our questions. Now we have a nice-looking roof with great solar panels on the top and battery storage. We are so glad we went with this company! Many thanks, guys!

The Reasons to Use Our Services

Hiring a trustworthy solar company to execute the job is the best you can do for its success.

Our team knows how to check the area and create an action plan, so your project will be completed on time and with no excess costs and delays. You will have an extra energy source you can use for your daily needs. Placed on the rooftop, these panels will work and still produce energy during cloudy weather, too.

For a consultation about your solar battery storage, call Los Angeles Solar Pros today. We provide a stunning combination of great rates and aesthetics to all our customers in Montebello, CA.

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